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  • Use a desktop or laptop
  • Gather the needed documents
  • Have 7-10 minutes to complete the full application








Congratulations on starting your journey towards homeownership!

You will be taken to a third party website to complete your application.
We are always just one call away if you need assistance while completing your application, do not hesitate to contact us

Basic applicant criteria

Verifiable monthly household income 
No open chapter 7 bankruptcy
No disqualifying criminal history
Please upload all documents for full application approval and to ensure a timely move-in
Low Debt-to-Income: Ratios
High Rent-to-Income: Ratios
Required Documentation
Traditional Employment (W2)
(Hourly, salaried, commissioned)
2 most recent bank statements
Self Employed or Contract Employment (1099)
Most recent tax return or 1099 statement
Most recent 2 months’ bank statements

**If relocating or have secured a new position,  an offer or transfer letter on the employer’s letterhead is required, identifying the income and start date, in PDF form, signed by the employer.

**For remote employment,  an official letter on company letterhead from the employer confirming remote status is required.

 *If  you have questions about additional acceptable income give us a call.