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The basic minimum information & Pre-Qualifications required

Is your credit score above 500? (could also be a co-signers score)

Can you or a co-signer show 12+ months of on-time rental or mortgage payments?
Able to pay at least $1,450 monthly rent?
Minimum yearly income of at least $45,000 (before taxes)
Able to pay a deposit of at least 2 months rent
No felonies (violent crimes, sexual offences, or drug distribution)
No evictions, bankruptcy, or bankruptcy discharge within 12 months
Will you be able to move between one and three months?
Are you or your co-signer currently employed?

Want to reside in the Atlanta Metro Area

Have no dangerous breed of dog

Lease Purchase Application

If you have met the lease-purchase qualifications, please complete the below preliminary application. After you have submitted the application to us we will determine which lease purchase investor partner best fits your needs.

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