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VPR’s Lease-Purchase Depot!

Your #1 source for lease purchase homes!

Welcome to Virtual Properties Realty’s Lease-Purchase Division where we help renters become homeowners. At our Lease-Purchase Depot, you can choose your rental home with an option to buy and you can search hundreds of homes that qualify for a lease purchase program.

If you have met the lease-purchase qualifications, please proceed and complete your preliminary application and one of our lease purchase consultants will be calling or emailing you back shortly to answer any additional questions you may have.

How it works

Fill Out The Application

Read the minimum qualifications to see if you are eligible. If you are, complete the lease-purchase option which best suits your requirements.

Get Financing

Next you will be contacted by one of our investors who will pre-qualify you for the lease purchase program that best fits your needs.

Match With An Investor

Within a couple of days of completing your application, your investor will let you know your approved price range and monthly rental budget.

Review Your Options

Next, one of our agents will show you eligible homes for lease purchase that fits your budget. Your monthly rental payment will be determined by many factors such as home price, property tax, HOA, and the estimated market rent for other homes in the area.

Another factor that could be added to your rental payment is an amount that could go towards your down payment when buying the home.

Sign The Lease!

Once you have found your home, your investor will buy your home for cash and immediately lease it back to you.

Because there is no mortgage contingency, many times our investor partners will negotiate a very good discount price which will be passed on to you when you are ready to buy your home from our investor partner.

Most of our investors will allow you to lease your home between 3 months and 5 years before requiring you to buy the home from the investor. However, you are not required to purchase the home you are leasing if you later decide NOT to buy.

The lease-purchase option is a fantastic way to go if you received a loan denial letter in the past and are now working on overcoming your loan qualifying issues. It’s also great if you just want to try out a home or neighborhood first before buying.

Lease-Purchase Inventory

If you use one of our lease-purchase investors you can choose from hundreds of homes that are currently listed in the MLS that have a listed sale price under $550,000. After your lease purchase price range that you qualify for has been determined by our investors then a Lease Purchase Depot licensed agent will show you all the homes in Metro Atlanta that fit your needs and the investor’s criteria.

Find Your Dream Home today!