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Welcome to Virtual Properties Realty’s Lease-Purchase Division where we help renters become homeowners. At our Lease-Purchase Depot, you can choose your rental home with an option to buy and you can search hundreds of homes that qualify for a lease purchase program.

The basic minimum information & Pre-Qualifications required

Is your credit score above 500? (could also be a co-signers score)

Can you or a co-signer show 12+ months of on-time rental or mortgage payments?
Able to pay at least $1,450 monthly rent?
Minimum yearly income of at least $45,000 (before taxes)
Able to pay a deposit of at least 2 months rent
No felonies (violent crimes, sexual offences, or drug distribution)
No evictions, bankruptcy, or bankruptcy discharge within 12 months

Can you verify savings or gift money of at least $7,000? (some savings may be applied toward your down payment when you buy home)

Will you be able to move between one and three months?
Have you or your co-signer been steadily employed for 12+ months?
Want to reside in the Atlanta Metro Area
Have no dangerous breed of dog

At Lease Purchase Depot we have hundreds of Lease-To-Own homes available. If you have met the above minimum PRE-QUALIFICATIONS and want to learn more about how you can become a homewner through our lease-purchase program, please click below.

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